Some of my favorite places on the web...

Kosher Ham -  hilarious T-shirts that perfectly match my sense of humor

Fabulous Stationery - funky cool designs

Atomic Cheesecake Studios - I had a blast at my photo shoot and I can't wait to schedule another!

Praying to Darwin - Ginny from Canada is hysterical, witty, and a smart-ass...my favorite kind of person!

People of Wal-Mart - I swear, it's like a train wreck...you can't look away

My Parents Were Awesome - we're all going to be on here someday

Anne Taintor - retro images with modern sarcasm...the perfect combination

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer - forget that heavy, clunky KitchenAid...THIS is the absolute best mixer

Basic Instructions - "Help is on the way..."